Natural Remedies for Back Pain

exerciseHere’s a few natural remedies for back pain that you should consider before seeking extreme treatment.


Exercise helps prevent or relieve back pain. Your abs and back muscles play important role in supporting your lumbar spine.Streching your body which can either be done on the wall with your arms spread and standing straight for a couple of minutes or on the floor by straining your hamstring will help keep your muscles strong. Enrolling into a massage activity on a weekly basis keep your body relaxed and ease pain.

Engaging in normal activities

Back pain is a common problem to many people and so do not have to be a very worrying occurrence. Daily activities whether its home chores or athletics should be resumed, the pain may just go away without any medication .If one avoids these activities the back pain may get worse as n inflammation increases.

Good body posture

Some postures may trigger or worsen the back pain. Avoid bending and find ways that will help prevent this. Maybe you can step one foot on the stool when brushing teeth. Lifting heavy objects and too much struggle to reach for far objects can stress your back and make it even more painful. It is good to find the right postures when standing, sitting and even when sleeping to ensure your shoulders, hips, back and legs are in a straight postureline. When sleeping, put a towel on your back to slightly uplift it and a supporting soft cloth on your knees. It is also good to change positions to avoid straining some parts of the body. Avoid taking drinks with caffeine in the evening to avoid interrupting your sleep at night.

Herbal relief

Ginger, Tumeric, and Valerian root are known to be traditional natural anti-inflammatory remedies for pain relief, easing strain and improving blood circulation. It is advisable to try one of these or all.Tumeric can be used by keeping a powdered spice in your kitchen and put it in meals in place of salt. Ginger can be boiled and taken as tea or use ginger tea bags while valerian can also be used to make tea. They help relieve back pain.

Heat regulation

You can nurse your back by applying cold or hot packs on it.

Increasing your body temperature improves blood circulation and avoid the message of the pain being sent to the braid. Cold reduces inflammation.

Review: Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair

The Isokinetics balance ball chair is a multipurpose chair that is designed to help your back and help you strengthen your core muscles (read more). The idea is a new one, combining a balance ball and a chair allows people to sit on the balance ball without easily falling off.  The ball can be removed so you can even perform some exercises on them throughout the day:

The problem that most balance balls have for people is that they can’t keep their balance to stay on them. With the Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair it is now easier to stay on the ball while you are doing other tasks such as working.

The system itself is pretty simple, there is a frame that comes with the ball, you stand the ball on the frame and there you go, it’s all set up. At first we were a little put off by the simplicity of the device, but then when we sat on it we understood the thought put into it.

The back of the chair allows you to sit on the ball without worrying too much, but still requires enough strength that you have to work those core muscles. We tried using a balance ball without the chair just to see the difference and there was a huge one, it was almost impossible to sit at a desk and do all of our tasks without the chair, with the chair it was a much simpler task.

I myself often have lower back pains, mainly due to playing football back in High School. After a while of sitting in this chair my lower back pain magically started to disappear. My core felt tighter as well, the product definitely works as advertised. The back is placed in the perfect position to allow you to balance without letting you fall off.  It’s one of the most effective backache remedies I’ve ever tried.

Overall the product works just as advertised. Don’t be put off by the simplicity of the product, it works even better than I expected.