What is a root canal?

rootMany of us have heard the dreaded term “root canal” when visiting the dentist. If you’ve never had one before, you might have visions of dental torture running through your head: what is a root canal? How is it done? What can you expect after the procedure?

A root canal is a procedure that fixes the tooth by removing the inside of the tooth (the pulp chamber) and fills it with a filling material to make the tooth whole again. This is necessary when the tooth has decayed to the point that the nerve of the tooth is affected in some way.

The tooth is covered by hard enamel. That’s the hard, hopefully white, stuff that covers the part of the tooth you see when you look at your teeth. That visible part of the tooth is called the crown. Under the enamel is a layer of dentin; and under that lies the pulp.

The pulp chamber goes all the way into the root of the tooth – and that chamber is actually called your root canal. You have several of these for each tooth – 2 to 4 for the molars, 1 to 2 for the premolars, 1 to 2 for the cuspids, and 1 for each incisor.
A root canal procedure is actually therapy for that pulp chamber. When the root of the tooth is affected by the decay, it is necessary for the dentist to drill all the way through the tooth, remove the pulp chamber, and replace it with a filler material.

You’ll likely have to take antibiotics, because the decay inside the tooth can make its way into your system, causing you to become ill. For the procedure itself, the dentist will isolate the tooth and disinfect it, separating it from the rest of the teeth with a plastic shield.

Then, the dentist drills all the way into the tooth’s pulp chamber, all the way to the root. The entire area will be numb by this point, and you may elect to receive some sort of sedative so that you aren’t completely aware during the drilling process.

Once the hole is drilled into the tooth, the dentist will use small files to clear away any decay and to actually remove the entire root of the tooth. The dentist might take another x-ray to make sure the root is cleared, because if it isn’t much pain can result.

When the tooth is free of decay, the dentist will dry the tooth, and then fill it with a rubber material called “gutta percha” which will seal the inside of the tooth. The dentist will either put a temporary filling on the tooth, or may suggest that a crown is put on the tooth. This is because the removal of the nerve stops blood flow to the tooth, which can result in the natural tooth becoming brittle.

So why the sudden love for the caveman’s diet?


You might have across a piece on the internet talking about this rediscovered human Paleo diet and wondered what can the caveman really teach the modern, advanced man about nutrition. Well, the 21st century is a period in the history of humanity in which lifestyle diseases have claimed more deaths than natural calamities and war-it’s that bad. Today, diseases and medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disorder are more prevalent than any other time in history. Medical researchers blame the prevalence on changes in human diet and exposure to harmful chemicals. We eat more highly refined food than our ancestors did. How about the tones of sugary stuff and fatty fast foods that we cant do without? We might need to go back to the basics and eat as our ancestors did if at all we want to live long and productive lives.

The caveman was a hunter-gatherer who lived on a lean diet of proteins, vegetables, nuts and fruits. The Paleolithic man did not practice agriculture and as such did not have grains as a major source of nutrients and energy. So what benefits can we derive from a paleo diet of lean meat, vegetables, nuts and fruits?

You gain less weight gain

Eating lean meat such as fish, chicken and nuts ensures your body is unlikely to gain excessive weight that may lead to obesity. Sugar and high-fat meat provide a high concentration of energy in the body which is stored in the body as fat. The situation is even worse for humanity as highly refined foods such as pasta are easily metabolized in the body to provide sudden spikes of excess energy. Obesity is a leading cause of heart conditions and type-2 diabetes. So if you want to lose weight or gain less weight, eat less grains and processed sugar and include more chicken, nuts and vegetables in your meals.

Balanced energy

Today humans eat a lot of carbohydrates per day than required. The modern man lives a more sedentary life with a lot of tools and machines to reduce work. We only need a few carbohydrates to keep us going. Unfortunately, carbohydrates make up the greatest percentage of our meals. By consuming fewer carbohydrates or grains and more vegetables, we will be able to allow our bodies to burn the excess stored fat. This process releases a balanced flow of energy as opposed to the metabolism of a diet full of carbohydrates.

Better immune systems

Eating more fruits, nuts, natural oils, vegetables and tubers provides valuable minerals and vitamins for the body. In addition, these foods are great sources of antioxidants for the body. Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals boost the body’s immune system to fight off diseases such as cancer and natural infections.

While it might be difficult for some of us to give up all the muffins, pastas and pizzas, it’s about time we really considered the health benefits of doing so. A paleo diet guarantees a lot of health benefits including lean, fit bodies. Better immune systems and longer lives.

The Best Place to Purchase Phen375

phen375 bottlesThe diet pill Phen375 is taking the world by storm and many consumers want to purchase it, but where? The information in this blog should help consumers locate the best places to buy the pills.

Recent history has shown that many consumers wishing to buy these pills have had problems with their purchases. Either they don’t get what they paid for or they get charged for additional items that they didn’t order.

Contacting the manufacturer is a good way of finding out where to purchase the product. Phen375.com is the suggested place to purchase the pills because it is the official website that sells it.

Although online retailers like Amazon also carry it, according to new-phen375.com, they are not authorized to do so. So your best bet of making sure you purchase the actual product is by utilizing the website.

Remember, when you’re buying the product directly from the Website you can be sure that you are receiving the actual product. You can rest assured that you will not experience any side effects.

However, the reason for not buying from the Website is discounts. This site is offering consumers sales on pills that range from $20 discounts on up based on amount of product that is purchased.

For example, the consumer can buy three bottles and get one free for a cost of $227.80, a savings of $112. Another price offers a savings of $31 for two bottles. You can also return the pills if you are not satisfied with the results. And for those located in different countries, the company accepts payment in US dollars, UK pounds or euros.

For those who are unfamiliar, the pills themselves, increase your metabolism and are essentially appetite suppressors. Consumers that want quick weight loss, as with any supplement, need to have a good diet and make sure they exercise. Those factors play a huge role in how much weight can be lost. So the company has included with the purchase of the pills, exercise videos and suggested diets that consumers can go on to help in reducing weight.

Phen375 was released to the public in 2009 and has received mixed reviews as to how effective it is.

So buyer beware, when seeing advertisements from other retailers who claim to sell the product, what looks like a good deal may not be what you wanted in the first place. Be sure you are working with an authorized Phen375 dealer before you buy. Your health could be greatly damaged if you don’t.

Natural Remedies for Back Pain

exerciseHere’s a few natural remedies for back pain that you should consider before seeking extreme treatment.


Exercise helps prevent or relieve back pain. Your abs and back muscles play important role in supporting your lumbar spine.Streching your body which can either be done on the wall with your arms spread and standing straight for a couple of minutes or on the floor by straining your hamstring will help keep your muscles strong. Enrolling into a massage activity on a weekly basis keep your body relaxed and ease pain.

Engaging in normal activities

Back pain is a common problem to many people and so do not have to be a very worrying occurrence. Daily activities whether its home chores or athletics should be resumed, the pain may just go away without any medication .If one avoids these activities the back pain may get worse as n inflammation increases.

Good body posture

Some postures may trigger or worsen the back pain. Avoid bending and find ways that will help prevent this. Maybe you can step one foot on the stool when brushing teeth. Lifting heavy objects and too much struggle to reach for far objects can stress your back and make it even more painful. It is good to find the right postures when standing, sitting and even when sleeping to ensure your shoulders, hips, back and legs are in a straight postureline. When sleeping, put a towel on your back to slightly uplift it and a supporting soft cloth on your knees. It is also good to change positions to avoid straining some parts of the body. Avoid taking drinks with caffeine in the evening to avoid interrupting your sleep at night.

Herbal relief

Ginger, Tumeric, and Valerian root are known to be traditional natural anti-inflammatory remedies for pain relief, easing strain and improving blood circulation. It is advisable to try one of these or all.Tumeric can be used by keeping a powdered spice in your kitchen and put it in meals in place of salt. Ginger can be boiled and taken as tea or use ginger tea bags while valerian can also be used to make tea. They help relieve back pain.

Heat regulation

You can nurse your back by applying cold or hot packs on it.

Increasing your body temperature improves blood circulation and avoid the message of the pain being sent to the braid. Cold reduces inflammation.

Benefits of Using a Exercise Ball as an Office Chair

exercise ball chairHealth and fitness is turning to be on everyone’s lips nowadays, bad dieting and failure to create time for workouts is resulting in creative ways of exercising such as taking a FitSeats exercise ball chair to the office. Following are some of the benefits of such a chair in the office.

Sitting on your fitness

With a fitness ball as your office chair, you can work on your fitness any time you want. All you have to do is close the door for a couple of minutes and do some quick stretches. Doing quick stretches say for five minutes every hour will see you thoroughly worked out by the time you leave the office.

Improves spinal health

The shape of the ball makes sitting uncomfortable and unstable, this forces a person’s body to try and balance itself on it. The body therefore will strive to align itself to the right posture which reduces back pains and results in better spinal health compared to regular chairs.

Get your belly flat

Sitting on an exercise ball chair demands a lot of balancing, and to compensate for the changes in body balance, abdominal muscles stretch a lot making you lose abdominal fat. Though it is slower compared to other abdominal work outs, the fact that you will spend almost 8 hours a day on it makes it a sure way to lose fat.

Improve body balance and blood circulation

With this ball, one keeps on changing the sitting position due to the chair’s instability making the body improve its sense of balance. Not only does changing position improve one’s balance but also reduce damage caused by lengthy sitting on a single position. Also, this change of position keeps the blood flowing well throughout the body.

Unlike other desk chairs, an exercise ball chair is your gateway to health in the office, so if you have not thrown your desk chair away, stop waiting, do it now and exercise as you work, so appealing, isn’t it?

Kneeling Chairs – Excellent for Lower Back Pain

balans from varier reviewsKneelingChairHQ posture stools are some of the most ergonomically perfect items of furnishing you can install at home or the office. The chairs help reduce the strain placed on the lower back by conventional chairs. The chairs do this by helping you sit in a kneeling posture and thereby dividing the burden of the strain between your buttocks and the knees. This detailed review specifically examines the qualities and features of the original Balans Variable kneeling chair.

The chair is manufactured by Varier Furniture in Norway and follows the design pioneered by Peter Opsvik back in 1979. To ensure maximum durability without compromising on comfort, only top quality materials: beech wood for the frame and natural wool for the upholstery are used for instance. In the end you get a product that will do justice to any workspace and which will provide top drawer utility value over many years.

The Variable Balans is designed to offer your body as much leeway to move as is necessary while working in a sitting posture. The chair reacts to every motion, guaranteeing the least amount of strain on your joints and muscle tissues. As you work, your body will find its own optimal equilibrium, keeping your back and abdominal muscles working as they ought.

The Variable Balans also comes with shin rests and runners which serve to ensure a dynamic and open sitting position in order to improve your breathing rhythm as well as guaranteeing that your spine keeps in its natural curvature. This natural sitting posture is derived firstly from centuries-old Buddhist Zen meditation practice where pillows and benches are used to help the body assume a kneeling posture that can be extended for inordinately long periods of time.

The Variable Balans kneeling chair is designed to prevent tension in your back and shoulder muscles while improving circulation and oxygen levels in your blood stream. The end result is enhanced creativity and concentration in your work.


Review: Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair

The Isokinetics balance ball chair is a multipurpose chair that is designed to help your back and help you strengthen your core muscles (read more). The idea is a new one, combining a balance ball and a chair allows people to sit on the balance ball without easily falling off.  The ball can be removed so you can even perform some exercises on them throughout the day.

The problem that most balance balls have for people is that they can’t keep their balance to stay on them. With the Isokinetics Balance Ball Chair it is now easier to stay on the ball while you are doing other tasks such as working.

The system itself is pretty simple, there is a frame that comes with the ball, you stand the ball on the frame and there you go, it’s all set up. At first we were a little put off by the simplicity of the device, but then when we sat on it we understood the thought put into it.

The back of the chair allows you to sit on the ball without worrying too much, but still requires enough strength that you have to work those core muscles. We tried using a balance ball without the chair just to see the difference and there was a huge one, it was almost impossible to sit at a desk and do all of our tasks without the chair, with the chair it was a much simpler task.

I myself often have lower back pains, mainly due to playing football back in High School. After a while of sitting in this chair my lower back pain magically started to disappear. My core felt tighter as well, the product definitely works as advertised. The back is placed in the perfect position to allow you to balance without letting you fall off.  It’s one of the most effective backache remedies I’ve ever tried.

Overall the product works just as advertised. Don’t be put off by the simplicity of the product, it works even better than I expected.